NY-03 Special Election Results Show Candidates Need to Proactively Address Safety and Security, Not Embrace “Tough” Talk
February 14, 2024

New York, NY — Today, Vera Action Director Insha Rahman issued the following statement on the special election held in New York’s 3rd congressional district:

“The outcome of NY-03’s highly-watched race yesterday demonstrates that immigration and crime don’t have to be the liability they are often perceived as for Democrats, as winning candidate Tom Suozzi spoke early and often about these issues.

“Republicans, as they tried in the last election cycle, ran the fear-baiting, ‘tough on crime’ ads that we expect to see more of this fall. But that doesn’t mean Democrats should parrot their language either. What candidates say matters too.

“While Republicans showed that they have no legitimate solutions beyond soundbites and scare tactics, Democrats need to show that they are serious about safety and justice. Voters in New York and across the country don’t want tough talk; they want real solutions to prevent crime, respond to crises, stop violence, manage the border, and provide stability for migrants who are newly arriving to this country. Democrats shouldn’t try to out-scare Republicans or get into a cyclical race of who is ‘tougher,’ but instead should offer their own positive, affirmative vision for public safety and creating a stable, fair, and just immigration system.

About Vera Action: Vera Action is an independent but aligned 501(c)(4) organization to the Vera Institute of Justice 501(c)(3). At Vera Action, we harness the power of advocacy, lobbying, and political strategy to end mass incarceration, protect immigrants’ rights, restore dignity to people behind bars, and build safe and thriving communities.