Working at Vera Action

Vera Action is an independent 501(c)(4) organization associated with the Vera Institute of Justice. At Vera Action, we harness the power of advocacy, lobbying, and political strategy to end mass incarceration, protect immigrants’ rights, restore dignity to people behind bars, and build safe and thriving communities. Alongside organizers and advocates, government leaders, and elected officials across the political aisle, we work to enact transformative policy change for safety and justice at the local, state, and federal levels.

Senior Digital Content Strategist

 The senior digital content strategist will be responsible for the strategic development, launch, overall workflow, development, execution, and management of website and social media content for Vera Action, the independent 501(c)(4) organization associated with the Vera Institute of Justice. 

The senior digital content strategist will be a highly creative person, self-starter, and trusted strategic partner who can produce and execute an in-depth content calendar. They will be responsible for conceptualizing digital and social media campaigns for Vera Action, overseeing the development of digital content, and building and implementing social media campaigns, as well as content entry needs to help shape a national conversation about safety and justice. They will develop targeted strategies and tactics to build and engage Vera Action’s audiences and bolster its brand.  

Senior Political Media Strategist

The senior political media strategist at Vera Action will conceptualize and execute media and communications strategies for Vera Action, the 501(c)(4) organization associated with the Vera Institute of Justice. 

 The senior political media strategist will supervise and be responsible for the development and implementation of communications strategies for multiple projects at Vera Action, including the organization’s work to change the politics and narrative around issues of crime and safety. This position will work closely with leadership of Vera Action and a wide range of internal and external partners to ensure that media efforts are supporting Vera Action’s strategy and goals, and they will ensure that the digital team at Vera Action has the content it needs to amplify advocacy priorities and issues. The senior political communications strategist will also hold bottom-line responsibility in overseeing the measurement of their impact across Vera Action