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End mass incarceration.
Advocate for immigrants.
Build safe communities.

At Vera Action, we fight to end mass incarceration, protect immigrants’ rights, and build safe and thriving communities. Alongside organizers and advocates, government leaders, and elected officials across the political aisle, we work to enact transformative policy change for safety and justice at the local, state, and federal levels.

Our Work

Messaging Justice

Vera Action produces public opinion research to shape a national conversation about safety and justice—that we can have both and there is no false choice between one or the other. We use tested messages and polling in our issue advocacy and campaigns to counter the opposition’s scare tactics in the media and the political arena.

State and Local Advocacy

Vera Action harnesses decades of expertise in criminal legal and immigration reform to bring our unique assets of data, evidence, and solutions to the policy arena. We work in over 20 statehouses and city and county legislatures across the country on campaigns for pretrial justice, ending unjust fines and fees, advancing the right to counsel for immigrants, winning budget investments in community-driven safety, and more.

Federal Policy

Vera Action advocates in Congress and the administration to impact federal levers for justice reform—including appropriations, executive action, and federal legislation. In coalition with other advocates, we lead or are a part of federal campaigns to reinstate Pell grants for college in prison, win the right to counsel for immigrants, and advance sentencing reform, jail and prison oversight, and police accountability.


Our sister organization, Vera Institute of Justice, and other partners have developed research and solutions to help understand, explain, and transform the criminal legal and immigration systems.

Who We Are

Board of Directors

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Bari Mattes, Chair

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James Cadogan

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John Savarese

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Sarah Williams

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Justin Tuck


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Nick Turner

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Insha Rahman
Vice President

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Adair Iacono
Secretary & General Counsel

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Greg Klemm


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Daniela Gilbert
Policing and Public Safety

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Akhi Johnson
Prosecutorial Reform

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Insha Rahman
Bail and Pretrial Justice

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Kica Matos

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Ryan Shanahan
Dignity Behind Bars

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Marta Nelson
Sentencing Reform

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Jasmine Heiss
Rural Mass Incarceration

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Jullian Harris-Calvin
New York Justice Reform

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Michelle Parris
California Justice Reform

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Will Snowden
Louisiana Justice Reform