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Vera Action harnesses the power of advocacy, lobbying, and political strategy to end mass incarceration, protect immigrants’ rights, restore dignity to people behind bars, and build safe and thriving communities.

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Research and polling to drive change in the legal and immigration systems.

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The Washington Post

"Opinion: Hiring new police is not the answer"

“Hiring more police is not the answer,” says Insha Rahman, Vice President of Vera Action, in her recent letter to the editor in the Washington Post.
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The Los Angeles Times

"Killings in the U.S. are dropping at a historic rate. Will anyone notice?"

"Homicides in the U.S. dropped significantly in 2022 and have plummeted even faster this year, putting the country on track for one of the biggest declines in killing ever recorded, crime statistics show."
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"A Look Inside Cook County Courtrooms on the Day Cash Bail Ends in Illinois"

"While courts across Illinois underwent a seismic change Monday with the elimination of cash bail, it was mostly smooth sailing during the first wave of criminal proceedings in Cook County’s main courthouse."
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